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Saturday, 26 December 2015 20:33

Messiah B got the Dog Dabbing???!!? Featured

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WTF is Messiah B doing with this dog!!!

Earlier this morning we received this controversial video of new Indy artist buzzing out of Los Angeles, Messiah B! The video titled, "ACT/Moonwalkin" is a compilation of two of his songs from his recently released mixtape called "Audio Paradise" made into a very "rare" film footage. If you have watched the video you might be thinking WTF was he doing? He appears with a dog throughout most of the song, creating unique dance moves with a never before seen style. The video Was originally found through Well known Indy hiphop outlet "www.thareport.com" Via @DaRealFatBoi. This shit cray... these niggas cray...... nuff said. 




 Check out the critically acclaimed mixtape below:

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