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Monday, 13 October 2014 00:00

Trippie Black Hippie Featured

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CJ Topoff

Trippy Black Hippie, is 16, born in Palestine, Texas.


He started writing music as a little kid and at age 14 he met Messiah B and started recording tracks. His passions are music & writing. His musical style is creative metaphors & figurative language combined with abstract self-reflective lyrics. He is deeply influenced by the psychedelic culture also. Hence the name Trippy Black Hippie. He's young in the game but when you listen to his music you would think he's been here before. “If you call yourself a hippie because you smoke tons of grass please stop. You have to have the altered perception that was in the hippies from the 60's. You have to be able to turn your back on everything you've been told your entire life & follow what you truly believe in.” At the Age of 15 Christopher joined hip hop label MoneyVisionPower, and proceeded to excel beyond most other artists on the label and complete two personal mixtapes with Messiah B. CJ has his own personal mixtape to drop soon "Psychodelia" which has been hailed by the label, us here at Urbantopia, and within our circles one of the best tapes of 2015 for the underground community and emerging mainstream




CJTopOff - G.O.D.(Gorillas On Deck) (Official Video) from MoneyVisionPower Records on Vimeo.

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