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Tuesday, 22 December 2015 17:37

Sosa Blackball Chamberlain? Blackball may be Dangling? Featured

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Is Chief Keef going to get blackballed and dropped from yet another label?


Uh, Oh.......... So Chief "Baphomet" Sosa seems to be in trouble yet again (No surprise). His new label FilmonTV is suing him and his management team for $4 Million as well as pulling "Finally Rolling 2" off streaming sites. Sources close to us say that, The relationship began to deteriorate after Keef was found to be going on tour without consent from his (daddy) aka the label and owner Alki David. The Label is said to have Keef in a very tight 360 deal for 7 years, meaning that if he's going on tour without the label knowing is basically stealing money from the label. As via the contract they are actually the only ones who could set up and sell everything to do with Keef. 

Now, where the black ball may come in is the fact that the label isn't just suing the management; they are also suing everyone who was involved in his new project "Finally Rolling 2" including super producers Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, and the DJ of the project Dj Holiday. Crazy stuff when you think about it. Work With Keef get sued...is this the end if Big Gucci Sosa?


Sources think it may just be over for Sosa 

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